Electrical Preventive Maintenance & Testing

The best way to avoid electrical problems is to institute an ongoing and continual program for maintenance and testing. Mid-Atlantic Power Specialists can provide just that on the following pieces of equipment:


Switchgears, Motor Control Centers, Transformers

Our main specialties lie in performing maintenance, testing, and repairs of switchgear MCCs and tranformers. We regularly perform Electrical Preventative Maintenance and Testing on equipment that is flooded or damaged from electrical faults.

Automatic Transfer Switches

This distribution equipment is often over looked in many firms. As a part of our complete Electrical Preventative Maintenance visits, we service and test all Automatic Transfer Switches. The technicians we deploy isolate sources to these switches as well as service and test the equipment to manufacturers specifications.

Bolted Pressure Switches

Mid-Atlantic Power services, maintains, tests, and repairs Bolted Pressure Switches. We additionally work with Pringle Switches, Bolt-Loc Switches, Bolt Switches, and GE HPC Switches. In our shop, we have on hand inventory of parts for Eaton-Pringle Bolted Pressure Switches.

Ground Fault

Our specialists have a wide range of experience in trouble shooting ground fault issues. In addition to locating ground faults and clearing the fault, we make it our priority to provide prompt testing and/ or repair of the defective Ground Fault system(s).