Battery Maintenance & Installation


Whatever the equipment type, we are ready to assess and help in battery installation projects. We have partnered with industry suppliers to be sure we are providing a trusted brand of high quality batteries at the most economical price.


Replacement and Disposal

With any replacement job we do, Mid-Atlantic technicians are sure to properly dispose of old batteries. Recycling is important to us. Not only do we abide by hazardous waste regulations in this way, but we also know it is the right thing to do for our environment. Should our customers ever need proof of this disposal, we can easily provide the necessary certificate for your records.

Load Testing

How can you be sure your batteries can carry the load for which they are intended in an emergency? Our load test can answer that question. Conducting a load test will put the appropriate amount of load onto your battery system to simulate what would occur in an emergency situation. After the load test is completed, our customers will be provided with all associated results formatted into a detailed report.

Maintenance Contracts

Along with our service and emergency call jobs, we welcome annual battery maintenance contracts. Many of our current contracts provide three to four visits a year. Although there are initial costs for this annual maintenance, it is proven to save our customers money since their equipment is properly cared for and is less likely to need costly, unexpected repairs. Our technicians know the warranty requirements of various battery manufacturers and follow IEEE standards in all battery maintenance inspections.