Power Quality & Load Surveys

Load Surveys

As part of a remodel or electrical distribution modification, most local jurisdictions are now requiring a 30-day load survey. Mid-Atlantic Power has the manpower and equipment to complete this kind of detailed survey. This survey will gather accurate, up-to-date data on the connected loads. Mid-Atlantic Power Specialists has the expertise and the state of the art equipment to complete this kind of detailed survey. Upon completion of a load survey, a detailed report with pertinent data will be submitted to the customer. The customer will then know if there is enough headroom to accommodate additional loads.

Electrical Distribution Surveys

Mid-Atlantic Power can provide a one line diagram, compiled by a licensed engineer, of the complete electrical distribution system in your facility. A one line diagram traces the power coming into the building and the equipment to which it connects, i.e. circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors, bus bars, etc. This data is necessary for locating and troubleshooting electrical issues in a facility.

ARC Flash

Information gathered from completing the one line diagram along with some additional information can then be used to determine Arc Flash levels of all electrical distribution equipment. This study helps keep workers safe and improves as well as maintains the electrical system. Labels are created and placed on all equipment alerting workers of the hazards of that equipment. Additionally, these labels provide information regarding the correct personal protective gear to wear while working near the equipment. OSHA requires that all commercial equipment be properly labeled with the Arc Flash hazards.

Coordination Studies

If your facility is experiencing random tripping of circuit breakers or changes have been made to your electrical power system, a coordination study may be needed at your location. Often this work is conducted after a fault or trip is experienced.  Mid-Atlantic Power can complete a coordination study onsite to confirm that the settings and sizes of your equipment match those of the protective equipment that is also a part of your system. Performing this study will result in there being only minimal impact should a failure occur. Therefore, it is an efficient and economical way to ensure the safety of your equipment and electrical system.


Power Quality Surveys

Erratic electrical power or system overloads can stress the power distribution system within a building, as well as cause serious damage to sensitive business equipment. Mid-Atlantic Power has a long history of resolving power quality issues as well as high speed disturbance analyzers. Over the years we have employed technicians with a background in locating, isolating, and resolving power quality issues to many different jobs. This is important so that we can have a full understanding of your quality issues and successfully assist in keeping your sensitive equipment operating effectively and efficiently.

Ground Investigation

Groundings are cited as one of the most prevalent power quality issues. When equipment is ungrounded, the risk to personal safety is heightened since electrocution and shock are possible.  Mid-Atlantic Power locates grounding issues and resolves the problems associated with these issues. We test your current ground electrode system, verify compliance to the National Electrical Code (NEC), and test your electrical distribution system for improperly grounded conductors.