Below are some of the most common tests that we offer customers. Our technicians can help you and your business maintain order through this form of preventive maintenance. If you see a type of testing not listed below and are in need of service, please contact us. 


Ground Fault Testing

This testing helps monitor, detect, and locate the unwanted connection of energized conductors to the ground. When these unwanted connections happen on-site, there is often damage to distribution equipment which can potentially lead to extended downtime for repair and even the possibility of fire and destruction. With our ground fault testing abilities, we can prevent these unwanted setbacks.

Breaker Testing (High Current Testing)

Mid-Atlantic Power specializes in testing circuit breakers in-house and on-site. When a circuit breaker is analyzed, we perform many tests on the unit to ensure accurate and beneficial results.  Along with the testing services, our technicians inspect the circuit breaker and mounting hardware for defects and proper installation. We also clean and lubricate all mechanisms as recommended by the manufacturer. Upon job completion, a very detailed report on the testing and service performed is provided to the customer for their records.

Load Bank Testing – Resistive

What if the backup power source for your business does not kick in when it is needed in an emergency? This could lead to high recovery costs of even the loss of life that could be prevented with accurate testing and maintenance. Mid-Atlantic Power specializes in load bank testing as a means to anticipate the load your power source could carry in an unexpected outage. Generally, we conduct resistive load bank testing on power sources. This testing is critical for residences, health care facilities, data centers, and mission critical hubs.

Insulation Resistance Testing – Megger Cables

Insulation resistance testing is an important way to uncover any electrical leakage in a current, which will prevent wasted electricity. When conducting this type of testing, it is important to ensure that the insulation is in good condition (which usually means a high resistance to current).  Many factors cause deterioration of your insulation, including damage from usage, the weathering of excessive temperatures, crud build-up, enduring moisture, etc.  This type of testing is very popular because it is non-destructive.  Mid-Atlantic Power will conduct an insulation resistance test at your location to proactively manage the insulation in your systems and bring about long-term financial savings for your business.

Automatic Transfer Switch Testing

Regular testing of your automatic transfer switch is vital to prevent unexpected failure. It is important to test this equipment and be assured that it is functioning as intended. Additionally, the ATS has many moving parts and if these parts are left in one position too long, they may freeze and jam. Mid-Atlantic Power can be the answer your business is seeking. Our technicians have the ability and education to test your ATS and prevent these possible failures in your equipment before a true emergency occurs.

Earth/Ground Resistance Testing

Poor grounding not only contributes to unnecessary downtime, but a lack of good grounding is also dangerous and increases the risk of equipment failure.  Over time, corrosive soils with high moisture content, high salt content, and high temperatures can degrade ground rods and their connections. So although the ground system, when initially installed, had low earth ground resistance values, the resistance of the grounding system can increase if the ground rods are eaten away.